Screenwriting Seminar - December 4th

How To Start Your Screenplay Perfectly
by Philip Dyer
Date: Sunday, December 4
1:00-5:00 pm
660 Alabama Street between 18th and 19th St. (Click for map)

Seminar Description

As a screenplay coverage writer, I have read hundreds of scripts and have seen the same types of mistakes in the vast majority of them. There’s nothing worse than telling someone who has been toiling over a script for months that his story has a fundamental problem that will require a huge rewrite. This seminar will help you write a first draft that is miles ahead of the scripts that Hollywood agents and producers read every day.

Topics will include:

·      Creating a compelling protagonist and antagonist
·      The most interesting kinds of external goals
·      How to create a great internal flaw for your protagonist
·      The best way for the supporting characters to contribute to your story
·      The ideal structural framework for your script

The cost of this 4-hour seminar is $50 and will come with several new examples of all of these principles in existing movies (which you will take home as handouts), as well as a template for you to fill out that will give you the basic outline for your next screenplay. I'll also read through your finished template and will give you feedback to make sure that your outline meets all of the qualifications that we will discuss in this seminar.

In addition, everyone who attends will receive a $50 discount on my script coverage services, which will make this seminar free!

Space is limited to 8 participants, so please contact me here at or at 415-412-9583 to register.