I am a veteran Hollywood screenwriter, a 26-year member of the WGA and author of the best selling novel "1906" and screenwriter of the upcoming Warner Brothers Film of the same name, for which Pixar and Oscar winner Brad Bird are making their live action debuts. In 2009-2010, two of my films were broadcast on American television: "Citizen Jane" (writer/producer) on HALLMARK, and The Damnedest, Finest Ruins on KQED/PBS (writer/producer/director). I am also the instructor of Advanced Screenwriting and Television Writing at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

I have known Phil Dyer for more than ten years. He is a superb writer and story teller who has done coverage on scores of student and professional screenplays and teleplays for me. I've read hundreds of coverages in my career, and have found Philip to be the most devoted, the most articulate, and the most perceptive of all the analysts I have seen. He is fast, efficient, and offers concrete criticism of how a good idea or good script could be improved and saleable, that rarest of all skills. He is, quite frankly, the only analyst that I would use for virtually all my projects.

– James Dalessandro, CEO, San Andreas Films, Inc.

Phil Dyer is one of the most exceptional story analysts that I’ve had the privilege to work with. His knowledge of story development surpasses that of any other consultant that I’ve used to analyze my work. Philip’s ability to dissect a screenplay and provide thorough feedback makes him a one of a kind reader. His notes are always creative and insightful. Furthermore, his approach is very nurturing; he has a way of encouraging the writer with his input and unique perspective. I highly recommend his services to any writer who has to desire to improve upon their craft.

– Ebony G., Winner of the 2011 Organization of Black Screenwriters Competition

The thing about Phil is that the guy has long experience in, and deep knowledge of, the screenwriter craft. Analyzing structure, character, description and voice are second nature to him. He's a bloody gold mine for those just starting out as well as those old timers among us who are always seeking to write a commercial piece of art.

– Leo Maselli

I've been to a number of screenwriting seminars, including Robert McKee's Story Seminar. Phil Dyer's, though, is probably the best. Phil is a terrific teacher. He's open and friendly, and communicates clearly and effectively. Some of the material he presented I'd seen or read before, but it wasn't until Phil explained it that I really understood. Phil presentation and demonstration of good structure was outstanding. His review of the top mistakes to avoid is essential. I highly recommend him!

– Brad Peppard

Phil is very informative about the current trend in screenplay presentation. This is stuff you can't get by reading from a book.

– Peter Tse Jew

Useful, organized and detailed information provided by Philip. His seminar was both fun and practical.

– Liliana Posada