Screenwriting Seminar May 19th

Power Plotting:
The fastest way to a great screenplay!

Can you change your life in one day?  Maybe. 

What's certain is that you can kick start your next screenplay from concept to launch in just eight hours at:

Phil Dyer's Power Plotting Seminar
Saturday May 19th 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Bring a new script idea that you want to flesh out, or a script that’s giving you trouble. By the end of the day, you’ll know exactly what your roadblocks are and how to fix them.  Even better, you will leave with a bulletproof foundation to build a GREAT screenplay!

Arrive with your idea.
Leave with a powerful, professional outline
ready to take off for success.
"I have taken Robert McKee's seminar twice and other workshops and find Phil Dyer's to be the best. Great stuff!"
- John Walker Bellingham, Optioned Screenwriter
First two hours:
1.    A clear and precise overview of current screenplay structure
2.    How to organize your script before you start writing
3.    How to create a compelling cast of characters
4.    Creating a great protagonist and antagonist
Second two hours:
5.    The kinds of external goals that audiences love
6.    How to create a strong internal flaw for your protagonist
7.    The best way for the supporting characters to contribute to your story
8.    The ideal structural framework for your script
                                    Break for lunch
Afternoon session – four hours:
Each participant will answer the essential 21 questions that every screenwriter should know before they start writing their script. After answering the questions, we will enter your replies into Phil's proprietary Outline-Generator, which will create a first draft of your script's outline automatically.
Phil will then go over your script outline with you personally, to confirm that it matches up with the key structural and character principles revealed in the morning session, and give you pointers on how to make your story absolutely bulletproof.

Now you're ready to write a GREAT screenplay!

You will take home:
·      Convenient structure guide
·      Detailed handouts explaining all course principles
·      And an exclusive preview of my new analyses of 2012 Oscar-winning screenplays to show how they all follow the principles revealed in this seminar!

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"I have found Philip to be the most devoted, the most articulate, and the most perceptive of all the script analysts I have seen. He is, quite frankly, the only analyst that I would use for virtually all my projects."
- James Dalessandro, CEO, San Andreas Films, Inc.
This seminar will be offered again this summer for $250.
Register NOW to take advantage of the special $99 rate.

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Register by May 1st to get a $50 discount (30%!!) on script coverage, OR
A second script outline review for FREE!!!

Script Coverage includes:
• Logline
• Synopsis
• Numerical rating on six different criteria:
• Checklist of 25 questions
• Story summary
• Detailed suggestions
• Total of 7-8 pages of written feedback

More past students rave about Phil Dyer and his screenwriting classes:

Phil Dyer is one of the most exceptional story analysts that I’ve had the privilege to work with. His knowledge of story development surpasses that of any other consultant that has analyzed my work. Philip’s ability to dissect a screenplay and provide thorough feedback makes him a one-of-a-kind reader. His notes are always creative and insightful. Furthermore, his approach is very nurturing; he has a way of encouraging the writer with his input and unique perspective. I highly recommend his services to any writer who has a desire to improve upon their craft.
- Ebony G., Winner of the 2011 Organization of Black Screenwriters Competition

I've been to a number of screenwriting seminars, including Robert McKee's Story Seminar. Phil Dyer's, though, is the best. Phil is a terrific teacher. He's open and friendly, and communicates clearly and effectively. Some of the material he presented I'd seen or read before, but it wasn't until Phil explained it that I really understood. I highly recommend him!
- Brad Peppard, contest finalist

Phil is very informative about the current trend in screenplay presentation. This is stuff you can't get by reading from a book.
- Peter Tse Jew

Useful, organized and detailed information provided by Philip. His seminar was both fun and practical.
- Liliana Posada

I learned more in one day with Phil than in ten weeks of an online class.  Even better, what Phil taught me instantly improved both the quality of my scripts, and also my ability to spot - and fix - problems. His class was invaluable.
- Billy Peckering

Phil's is a pro's pro, the guy that producers turn to first for script analysis and coverage.
- David Stephen

The thing about Phil is that the guy has long experience in, and deep knowledge of, the screenwriter craft. Analyzing structure, character, description and voice are second nature to him. He's a bloody gold mine for those just starting out as well as those old timers among us who are always seeking to write a commercial piece of art.
- Leo Maselli


  1. Hi Phil,

    My script "Olive Us Olive U" is nearly complete. When it is done my plan has always be to to retain your services to analysis what I've accomplished. I was going to ask you last night at Screenwriters Group what the cost would be. Alas, you were absent.

    Now I notice that your May 12 workshop includes 7 to 8 pages of analysis. For the outline only? How about for the script itself?

    My script will be done by then. Please confirm that I should sign up lickity-split.

    A big fan
    Leo Maselli


  2. Hi Leo,

    Congrats on wrapping up your script, Leo! Sorry if this wasn't clear, but what we'll be doing in this seminar is going over the outlines of students' new screenplays or screenplay ideas to make sure they work well enough to begin writing out the full script. What you get along with this class is a $50 discount on my script coverage services, which is the 7-8 pages of analysis. Hope that clears things up and I'd love to see you there or at the next meetup!