Seminar: Top Ten Screenwriting Tips To Cut Rewriting Time In Half!

Saturday, July 30, 3:00–5:30pm
660 Alabama Street @18th Street
2nd floor conference room

Over and over, I read screenplays that are missing one or two key elements which must be present in order for them to generate studio interest. I hate seeing scripts like this because, without those elements in place from the beginning, screenwriters will waste countless hours rewriting scripts that they’ve slaved over for months. For example, a particular event must take place at the end of act two in order for a screenplay to be a success. There must also be a very specific relationship between the antagonist and the protagonist’s internal flaw. In addition, you need to answer two key questions at the end of every screenplay in order to resolve the story for your audience. I’ll give you a list of these ten indispensable screenwriting tips and will explain why they are so important, along with examples from critically and commercially successful films.

The seminar fee is $40, or just $75 total if you also take my seminar on How the Pros Structure Their Screenplays from 12:00-2:30 that afternoon. If you attend both seminars, you'll save $5 and I’ll send you feedback on the structural outline of your next script or current script (up to two pages) for free!

Space is limited to ten participants, so please click below to register in advance: