Saturday, November 26, 2011

Screenwriting Seminar - December 4th

Hello, screenwriters! I will be putting on a brand-new seminar called "How to Start Your Screenplay Perfectly" on December 4th at 660 Alabama Street, from 1-5 pm. The topics will include:

  • Creating a compelling protagonist and antagonist
  • The most interesting kinds of external goals
  • How to create a great internal flaw for your protagonist
  • The best way for the supporting characters to contribute to your story
  • The ideal structural framework for your script

PLEASE CLICK HERE for more details on the seminar. Space is almost completely full now, so contact me quickly if you want to attend!


  1. You told us that it's at 660 Alabama Street... but not what state it's in. I'm assuming it's in the United States only because of the word "Alabama".

  2. Very good point! Sorry for the confusion, but the seminar was already full by the time I posted that information, so I just put it online for attendees to refer to. I'm in San Francisco, so your guess of America was eerily accurate. :-)